Fans to allowed into Stadia in the UK from October 1, says Prime Minister.


By Mukwuzi Joseph

English football will be played in front of fans again from October, according to government plans announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He said,  “we will pilot larger gatherings in venues like sports stadia with a view to a wider reopening in the autumn.”

If this goes according to plan, fans will then be allowed into stadiums for Premier League games and other sporting events from October 1.

He said: “From October we intend to bring back audiences in stadiums. In a Covid secure way subject to the successful outcome of pilots.”

Premier League matches have been played behind closed doors ever since the league restarted last month, following a three-month hiatus enforced by the outbreak of coronavirus. Strict social distancing measures have been put in place across British society, with social gatherings banned for several weeks.

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