Stranded NDDC scholarship students protest in London


By Mukwuzi Joseph

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) scholars protested the non-payment of their tuition fees by the commission.

The students staged their protest at the Nigerian High Commission in London

The students who had planned to picket the high commission over the non-payment of their tuition by the NDDC were, however, prevented from doing so by the metropolitan police.

The scholars, some of which sat on the floor during the protest, lamented that they have been stranded since the NDDC stopped paying their tuition and allowances one year after they were awarded the scholarship.

They also lamented that they have been begging for food while they risk being deported.

The inscriptions on the placards read: “Abandoned in The Heat of COVID-19 Pandemic,” “NDDC Failed Us,” “‘We Have Been Thrown Out of School,” “We Risk Deportation,” “Must We have a protest to get paid?” and “We Are Scholars, Not Militants”.

“We have continued to receive threats to be suspended from studying and thrown out for not paying rent. The IMC leadership @NDDCOnline has looted our funds. We will not accept the half school fees or upkeep you are proposing,” one of them wrote on Twitter.

All these is happening despite recent directive by the Presidency that the school fees be paid to the affected student immediately.

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