Law Firm Volunteers To Assist Kano Government In Ensuring Killing Of Musician Accused Of Blasphemy Against Prophet Mohammed


By Mukwuzi Joseph

A Zamfara State law firm, Abubakar A. Ashat & Co, has volunteered to assist Kano State Government in prosecuting and ensuring the killing of Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, a musician alleged to have produced a song deemed to be blasphemous against Prophet Mohammed.

The law firm in a letter to the Kano State Attorney-General said it was acting on behalf of one Muhammed Lawal Gusau, who noted that he desired to render a “selfless service towards the advancement and upliftment of the goals and ideals of Islam in all positive spheres”.

“Our client in the discharge of his duties/obligations felt the need to provide/render support to the office of the Honorable Attorney-General morally and or in other spheres to ensure that the judgment is affirmed by Appeal Court.

The law firm also condemned Fakhrriyya Hashim, a Muslim, who spoke against the death sentence of the musician.

“Our client desires that Yahaya Shariff-Aminu goes to the gallows in accordance with Islamic injunctions,” the law firm said.

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