Mozambique sacks instructors for impregnating over 15 police trainees


Justice Minister Helena Kida said Mozambique’s government has expelled two instructors found guilty of impregnating students at a police training school.

She also said that a disciplinary inquiry was held against them and it’s unclear how many students the men have impregnated.

“Of the cases of sexual harassment in which two instructors became involved with instructors, making them pregnant, were the object of legal-disciplinary censorship, having, in effect, been expelled from the corporation, as a culmination of the disciplinary proceedings that were instituted against them,” Minister of Justice of Mozambique, Helena Kida.

In August, reports first emerged, claiming that 15 police trainees have been impregnated after they were “harassed” into having relationships with instructors.

Justice for the women have been demanded by the Mozambique Police Association.

The minister spoke at the Assembly of the Republic, on Wednesday, during the question and answer session between the members of the executive and the deputies in the Parliament.

The minister gave no further details on the case, but pointed out that it is an example of the State’s commitment to promoting legality and respect for human rights in the work of law enforcement officers.

In this regard, she continued, 200 police officers were expelled from the corporation, from January to October, for the practice of several illegal acts, an increase of 07% in relation to the same period of 2019.T

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