16 family members scramble for Maradona’s £37million fortune


Diego Maradona’s relatives have began trying to divide up his £37m fortunes with 16 individuals reportedly eyeing their share.

The Argentina legend died aged 60 from a heart attack last month to send the football world into mourning.

But he did not leave a will which has seen a host of people come forward and attempt to pick up what he left behind.

Maradona had five children whom have staked their claims in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

But seven more alleged love-children as well as four of Maradona’s five sisters have all come forward, reports The Sun.

Maradona is understood to have signed a will in 2012, but scrapped it four years later.

Argentine law bans his children being disinherited and means all parties must be given equal shares.

A source said : “With no will, children close to Maradona and some he has never met will all be able to claim an equal share of his fortune.

The footie legend had five recognized children including his two eldest children Giannina and Dalma. He is also believed to have seven more love-children.

Diego Maradona?s relatives

According to The Sun, his alleged love-children, plus four of Maradona’s five sisters, are vying for chunks of his legacy.

A source in Buenos Aires told The Sun: “The battle for Maradona’s money won’t just be contested — it will be a World Cup.”

Court papers have revealed his estate includes cash in Switzerland, Dubai, and Buenos Aires, property across the globe, and a fleet of luxury vehicles. Accounts also show funds from ad contracts with big brands ­in­cluding Puma and Coca-Cola.

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