Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus reaffirm Support for European Super League, vow not to succumb to threat by UEFA


By Mukwuzi Joseph

Twelve of Europe’s leading clubs last month announced plans to form a ‘Super League’ which would take the place of the Champions League, with 15 clubs being permitted entry every year regardless of how they performed and only five places available on merit.

However, a furious reaction to the controversial plans from fans, managers and players saw the Super League collapse within 48 hours of its announcement with the withdrawal of all six English clubs.

UEFA yesterday announced lenient sanctions on the nine clubs to have since withdrawn from the Super League but threatened further action against the three teams yet to renounce the breakaway.

Those actions could result in bans from European competition, but Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have now issued a joint statement in which they have refused to abandon the project.

The three clubs have acknowledged that they may need to “reconsider the proposed approach”, but insists they will not give in to UEFA’s “unacceptable third-party pressures, threats, and offenses to abandon the project”.

The nine Super League clubs to have since withdrawn from the venture have now committed to existing UEFA competitions under the threat of hefty fines if they plot another breakaway attempt.

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