King of boys: Nollywood Actor Zubby Michael and colleague Chizzy Alichi engage in war of words


By Mukwuzi Joseph

Chizzy Alichi and Zubby Michael threw punches at each other while arguing over a woman being the “King of Boys”.

It began when actor Zubby left a comment on a post, saying: “A woman can never be King of boys.”

Chizzy responded: “A woman can be anything and whatever she wants to be…”

Zubby then resorted to insults, calling her a “local girl” who copies the white people. He also brought her husband into the matter and called Chizzy a mad person (ndi ala).

The actress hit back, slamming Zubby. She also included his mother in her response.

See below. 

Chizzy Alichi infantilizes Zubby Michael after he insulted her during argument over a woman being the "King of Boys"

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