Tuface has dumped me for Pero in U.S., I will “scatter everything”: Annie Idibia Laments(LEAKED AUDIO)


By Mukwuzi Joseph

Annie Idibia, wife of celebrated artist Tuface has cried out, alleging that her husband has secretly packed out of their matrimonial home to live with his baby mama Pero Adeniyi in the U.S.

In a voice note that has now gone viral on Instagram and WhatsApp, Mrs Idibia distressed voice can be heard lamenting the development and threatening to “scatter everything.”

The Nollywood actor said Tuface moved his belonging out of the house under the pretence of going for a shoot. She accused her husband’s cousin Frankie of orchestrating the move.

“I was with my husband today peacefully, nothing happened. My husband said he was going for a shoot today, only for him to pack his things and his stupid cousin Frankie helped him plan it. Innocent is on his way to America without telling me to see Pero,” she said in a distraught voice.

Annie proceeded to explain that her ten years’ marriage with Tuface has been a “living hell”, blaming his family for her woes.

“His family doesn’t love me, they hate me they have been giving me hell for ten fucking years,” she added.

On September 2,  People’s Gazette reported the actress publicly called out her husband on her Instagram for rekindling intimacy with his ex-lover Pero during a family vacation.

“I am going to scatter everything, nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman, I am going right now on Instagram live,” she now threatens.

“I am done,” she painfully laments as she wails inconsolably.

Tuface has remained mute through the controversy. His brother Charles did however cast a slur at Annie in the heat of the outburst.

Tuface and Annie have two children together, though the superstar artist has five children with other women.

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