NYSC admit issuance of pamphlet to corp members containing advice on the payment of ransom in case of a Kidnapped


By Mukwuzi Joseph

In what appears to be a bold volte-face, the authorities at the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have admitted that copies of its pamphlets containing security tips for staff and corps members contain the “embarrassing” clause that advises corps members to prepare for ransom payment if abducted.

The organisation, however, noted that it realised that different copies of the pamphlets are in circulation with some containing the clause and others not.

The NYSC spokesperson, Adenike Adeyemi, in a terse message on Friday noted that the organisation was already investigating the situation.

The reaction followed this newspaper’s insistence that copies in its possession contain the clause, and queries the rationale behind the hurried rebuttal earlier issued by the organisation on the matter.

Mrs Adeyemi, in a short response, simply wrote; “We realised different copies are in circulation. We are investigating.”

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