Bola Tinubu: Concerns mounts over ailing Health as he reportedly Urinates On His Body In Public During A Visit To Awujale of the Ijebuland(video)


A viral video currently in circulation on social media may have confirmed earlier reports on the failing health of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu — the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader and 2023 presidential aspirant.

Our report had revealed an awkward situation in which Tinubu found himself during his recent visit to Minna, Niger State, in continuation of consultations for his presidential bid.

A competent source that was privy to the incident had narrated to THE WHISTLER how the APC leader urinated on himself while aboard the plane that flew him from Minna to Abuja.

“On the flight back to Abuja, which is just about 19 minutes, Tinubu went to the toilet about nine times. On one occasion, he even wetted his trousers and had to be cleaned up,” the source had told this website.

It was shortly after the incident that the presidential aspirant traveled to London, where he was believed to have undergone a medical checkup before returning to the country 10 days after.

This website reported that the incident in Minna was said to have caused some of his supporters to rethink his presidential ambition.

But in what may further dampen the spirit of those supporting his 2023 bid, the trending video showed what appeared to be a repeat of the Minna incident.

In the video shared on social media by an online newspaper, Tinubu appeared to have wetted himself again during a visit to the palace of the Awujale of the Ijebu Kingdom, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, at the weekend.

The video has sparked social media reactions, including one from Nigerian-American professor and columnist, Farooq Kperogi, who made reference to the initial exclusive report.

Kperogi wrote on Facebook: “When I read about the widely circulated scatological disaster that occurred to Tinubu when he flew to Minna on January 20 to seek IBB’s blessing for his presidential run, I dismissed it as probably a made-up anecdote by his political opponents.

“Then came the video of Tinubu in what appears like a mortifying urinary calamity at the palace of the Awujale of the Ijebuland on Saturday….”

The outspoken columnist appealed to Tinubu’s family and well-wishers to “advise him to stop subjecting himself to further public humiliation by giving up his presidential ambition and going to take care of his health. I may die before him, but Aso Rock is not a hospice.

“I sincerely feel sorry for the man, but I’m even more sorry for a country that considers someone like that as an option to be president.”

But reacting on Sunday, the umbrella body of Tinubu’s support groups known as the Support Group Management Council, claimed that the viral video and photographs showing a wet part of the APC leader’s garment during the visit to the Ijebu monarch’s palace were photoshopped.

“Assuming without conceding that is the case, so is it the back of his knees that would be wet and not the bum area? So if he wetted his babariga, he would not cover it and would still move to be flat to greet the Awujale of Ijebuland in the full glare of everyone present? It was the usual photoshop manipulations and shallow mental agility that pushed them to dispense a feeble narrative that made no iota of sense.

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