Singer Timaya denies arrest by police over a Hit and run incident, says he was only interrogated


By Mukwuzi Joseph

Popular singer Timaya has cleared the air on the hit-and-run allegations leveled against him recently. The music star explained on his Instagram page that he didn’t hit the lady in question.

Rather, he said he only hit the bumper of her car and was open to fixing it until he saw she was in the company of four suspicious-looking guys.

According to him: “When I got back yesterday, I told my people to go back to the hospital to get things under control. So I went to the husband’s house early this morning; they already made a police statement and all that.

In an interview with Punch, Timaya said he was not arrested but only invited for questioning.

”I was invited to the station when I went to the lady’s house to commiserate with her over the incident. I was there as early as 7am.

It was when we stepped outside the house that we saw police officers. The reason I went to her house was to show my profound remorse.

I would have been there yesterday (Wednesday), but I could not make it because I had to attend to something urgently at Ogun State. However, throughout the day, members of my team were with her at the hospital and home till midnight.

I was never arrested by the police. I was only invited for questioning at the Maroko Police Station. From there, I went to the hospital to see the lady.”he said

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