Russia set to use chemical weapons in Ukraine- US Warns


There is an increasing possibility that RussiaPresident Vladimir Putin may resort to chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, Joe Biden has said, as his “back is against the wall.”

The US president also warned that Russia could be preparing to launch cyberattacks against critical infrastructure as the War in Ukraine continues.

Meanwhile, in an overnight address, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was prepared to discuss a commitment from Ukraine not to seek NATO membership in exchange for a cease-fire, the withdrawal of Russian troops, and a guarantee of Ukraine’s security.

Speaking late on Monday, Mr. Biden said he believes Russia is preparing new ‘false flag’ attacks- an act committed with the intent of blaming the other side and escalating the situation.

“They are also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons,” Mr. Biden said, adding that Russia was alleging the US also has them in Europe, something he said was “simply not true.”

“That’s a clear sign he’s considering using both of those.

“He’s already used chemical weapons in the past, and we should be careful about what’s about to come.

“He knows there’ll be severe consequences because of the united NATO’s front, but the point is it’s real.”

US and allied officials have repeatedly argued that Russia may use false chemical weapons claims as a precursor to using such weapons themselves.

Earlier in March, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned the secretary of Russia’s Security Council that Moscow would face consequences if it deployed chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

The US president also warned against cyberattacks, telling American business leaders they have a “patriotic obligation” to harden their systems against such attacks.

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